What this is…

In many ways this a continuation of what I started at my old blog. In many ways this is a clean break. While calling national figures mean names anonymously over the internet was a great deal of fun, I’m no longer interested in writing about current events, mostly because the real world is a really depressing place. I am, however, still in love with writing, and shamelessly seeking the attention of my friends. In that vein, I’ve decided to re-try this blogging thing, focusing on fun stuff, like film, television, music, and sports. I’m aiming to put out 3-7 posts a day during the week and possibly a couple on weekends. My hope is that I can get a few people to guest post intermittently, and maybe bring a couple of other writers in on a regular basis. For now I’m just going to see where it goes and have some fun.

As usual, don’t expect anything resembling insight, access, or an ability to break any type of story. Do expect fart jokes (hey, I know my strengths), occasional wit, and likely a few groans.

Blogging begins in earnest tomorrow, when I hope to post a review of Cowboys and Aliens, which from the previews appears to be John Favreau’s rocket handiest movie to date.

You can follow my tweetings @uninformedcomm.

Send suggestions, questions, hate mail to uninformed.commentary@gmail.com


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