Entourage Movie? Ugh


Entourage is mercifully heading into its last seven episodes after eight seasons as television’s primary source of douche-related entertainment. Apparently, however, sticking around for four seasons after your product has gone stale isn’t enough for creator Doug Ellin, who is certain that there is a movie in the offing. Because you haven’t seen Turtle until you’ve seen him on the big screen.

“We’re going to do a movie,” creator and executive producer Doug Ellin told reporters at the Television Critics Association conference Thursday. “It’s a question of when and how quick.”


“If I had to finance it myself, I would do it,” Wahlberg said. “I certainly hope that this has a chance to become a feature film. People have always complained that the episodes are too short and they want to go on a journey with these guys.”

Has anyone ever complained that an Entourage episode was too short? Do you really need more than 30 minutes of bad acting, dudes smoking pot, and Jeremy Piven acting like an ass? In any case, this is all really just idle speculation, happening because a long-running show is nearing its end, so there’s no use in getting worked-up over it. Still, if an Entourage movie happens before an Arrested Development movie, I will go on a rampage. And by that I mean I’ll complain loudly to my friends, or maybe write an angry letter.

(via TVguide)


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