Hard Knocks: Casualty of the NFL Lockout

For all the angst and hoopla surrounding it, the NFL lockout didn’t really cost football fans that much. I could personally care less how many two-a-days or padded practices teams have or how long the pre-season is. I’m just happy that there will be games.

The one notable casualty of the lockout, is the loss of HBO’s Hard Knocks, which follows one NFL team through camp every season. The show is invariably entertaining as the network does an excellent job picking teams with big personalities and controversial figures (last three: Cowboys, Bengals, Jets). It’s always on must-watch status for me personally, especially given the barren summer TV and Sports schedule. Apparently, the lockout made it impractical for a team to commit to filming, so instead the network will air a 10th anniversary special with where-are-they-nows and some unseen footage. I guess that’s decent compensation, but really its like getting a cupcake for your birthday when you wanted fudgie the whale. Personally, I was hoping they would follow the Steelers or Ravens this season so we could get more choice quotes from the likes of James Harrison and Terrell Suggs, or watch Ray Lewis do some bible thumping as if that makes up for the time he stabbed someone to death lied to the police.


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