BREAKING NEWS! They’re going to kill off the Charlie Sheen Character in “Two and a Half Men”

via Warming Glow

In the most obvious news ever, Deadline is reporting that Charlie Sheen’s character in TV’s lowest common denominator Two and a Half Men will be killed off and the season premiere will feature his funeral as well as a procession of guest stars coming to potentially buy his house. Sounds hilarious! The fact that this show is still around after everything is a testament to the stupidity and shallowness of the common person. I once wrote a letter to God, praying that Charlie Sheen abusing his wife would be the end of the show. Instead he got a raise and it continued on, proving definitively that there is no God. It took Sheen’s insulting the creator of the show to get him fired, but we still have to look at John Cryer’s troll face and that idiot fat kid that no one likes. What’s more, they replaced Sheen with the only person who could rival his douchetasticness, Ashton Kutcher. What, was Wilmer Valderama not available? I’m going to go cry in the corner now.


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