New Family Comedy on ABC to Star Famous Fat Person

Fat seems to be the latest trend in comedy, with Mac gaining 50 lbs. on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and fat person comedy Mike and Molly garnering solid ratings on CBS. The real question is, how has Kirstie Alley not capitalized on this yet? Well look no further, chubby chasers, because Allie has a new comedy coming on ABC:

The sitcom is described as a new take on Roseanne, and stars Alley as a very opinionated wife/mother who, along with her family, the Manzanis, moves to repressed country-club town.

Oh so its a take on Roseanne, I wonder where the commonality lies *resists urge to make a dozen cheap fat jokes. Hey, remember when Kirstie Alley was hot? It happened, there’s proof:


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