Mama Swanson Coming to “Parks and Rec”


Parks and Recreation is my favorite television comedy. Since an uneven first season, the show has cast off it’s weaker characters (so long Mark Brandanowitz), added the straight man it so desperately needed (Adam Scott as Ben) and refocused on the characters that really make audiences laugh, especially Andy and Ron Swanson (the best character on television). News that Patricia Clarkson would be playing Ron’s first wife, “Tammy 1” (Megan Mullaly has been awesome in her role as Swanson’s second Tammy) broke last week after a summer of rumors that Oprah would be cast in the role (there might be a god after all). Well, it’s getting even better because the word is that executive producer and my blogging idol Mike Schur (The Office, Fire Joe Morgan) is looking to cast Ron’s mother. I’ll let TV Guide explain while I take a few puffs on my inhaler:

 The show is on the hunt for an actress to play Ron Swanson’s mother, “who is exactly what you’d imagine the woman who gave birth to Ron Swanson to be like.”


According to the casting breakdown, that means “a no-nonsense, patriotic, salt-of-the-earth farm woman; not easily impressed, and not a fan of big cities. She has an inner strength that commands respect.” Or, simply put, “she’s no shrinking violet,” Schur says. Mama Swanson will be introduced early on in Season 4, as will Ron’s first wife, Tammy 1, who will be played by Patricia Clarkson.

For the record, in case it wasn’t already clear, I am all for this. Just as long as it’s not Betty White because I’m tired of that old bag. I’ll leave you with the greatest TV invention ever, and my personal life guide, the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.


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