Weekend Recap: “Planet of the Apes” Wins, “Breaking Bad” Remains Awesome, Red Sox Take 2/3

The stars of the weekend's biggest movie

Who knew that Apes would sell better than Jason Bateman getting diarrhea to the face? I certainly would never have predicted anything like that. With the weekend numbers out, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (because a shorter title would have been insulting to your intelligence and ability to make conversation) earned a very strong $54MM, proving my long held belief that people will pay to watch monkeys and James Franco do just about anything. Meanwhile, the Smurfs placed second for the weekend, earning $21MM, proving my other belief that people are stupid. The Change-Up which is a 2-hour long poop joke, earned a disappointing $13.5MM and placed fifth, behind Cowboys and Aliens (why don’t you people like Olivia Wilde?!). It’s the second major summer flop for Ryan Reynolds after no one cared enough to go see The Green Lantern. Maybe we’ve all grown tired of smarmy?
If Breaking Bad isn’t the best show on TV, it’s certainly in the conversation. This season started at a slow boil following the shocking events of last season’s finale, but veteran fans knew that it was only a matter of time before the sh*t hit the fan. And it did indeed hit said fan, with a conclusion leaving us to wonder what will become of everyone’s favorite meth head, Jesse (Aaron Paul) and how Walter White (Bryan Cranston) will respond to being pushed further into a corner by his coldly brutal employer Gus (Giancarlo Esposito). Unfortunately, I can’t find a good video to embed, but if you’re not watching this you should be.


The Red Sox took the weekend series from the Yankees after losing Friday night’s game on strength of a 6 RBI performance by JacobyEllsbury Saturday, and a 10th inning walk-off single by Josh Reddick on Sunday night. Carl Crawford had hits in seven consecutive at-bats between Saturday and Sunday. Joe Girardi’s decision to let Phil Hughes pitch the 10th inning will be questioned by some, as closer Mariano Rivera only threw 9 pitches in the ninth. After a 4-plus hour game, the final blow came pretty quickly, with Hughes giving up a one out double to David Ortiz, followed by an intentional walk of Carl Crawford before Reddick laced a line drive into the left field corner, bringing home Darnell McDonald with the game-winner.

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