Whatever, You’ll Watch It, F*ck You!

In my last weekend preview I did a bit of kvetching about how movie studios shoehorn points for sequels into movies, assuming that we’ll actually want to watch them. Well nothing demonstrates this mentality better than this item from Deadline about studios setting release dates for sequels to movies that haven’t even been screened yet:

After Sony commandeered May 2, 2014 for an Amazing Spider-Man sequel that hasn’t shot a frame of film, other studios are casting far into the future and staking out weekends on their tent pole films of the future. Lionsgate has set November 22, 2013 as the opening weekend forCatching Fire, the second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy. The first installment of the Gary Ross-directed series comes out March 23, 2012, with Jennifer Lawrence heading the cast.

At some point don’t we have to be insulted by this garbage? No one has even seen a trailer for The Hunger Games, who knows, it could be a good movie, but it’s pretty indicative of the industry’s disregard for the consumer that they’re already slotting up the sequel. They pretty much assume that they’re going to make money no matter what they put out there, and the fact that they believe that really doesn’t give them incentive to make good movies. Then again, what does that say about us as consumers? In what other industry are people so willing to throw tons of good money after a bad product? I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is that unless we all stop paying $20 to see Transformers movies in I-max 3d, all we’re ever going to see is an endless stream of crappy sequels. But hey, maybe that’s what we really want.


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