“The Sitter” Looks Hilarious!

If you watched the embedded trailer you’ve probably figured out that the headline was sarcastic. This looks terrible and unfunny in just about every way imaginable. You thought you could get me with little kids crapping their pants? I’M NOT THAT CHEAP. Of course, looking at the Youtube comments reveals that not everyone is as hard to please as me.

“It was me, I sharted” LOLOL

 8 hours ago
Yeah, mega LULZ. From what I can tell this movie has about four jokes: the pants crapping, calling kids names for no reason, Jonah Hill is fat, and LOOK, A MEXICAN KID! Sounds like a recipe for success.
Side note: When are movies going to stop trying to convince me that any chick would want to sleep with Jonah Hill when he’s fat and the best job he can get is as a babysitter? Look, I understand that most people who write, produce, and direct movies are totally unappealing dudes, who got into movies so that they could punch above their weight, but does that give them the right to project themselves onto every comedy? I’m unemployed and I’m not fat or particularly ugly (some might argue on the ugly part) by the calculus posited in The Sitter I should be getting propositioned on a regular basis. I think we all know how that’s working out.

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