Here Comes a Tyler Perry TV Channel

Prepare Your Anus

Today in signs of the coming Apocalypse, there’s news that Lionsgate is considering giving Tyler Perry his own TV channel so that he can dress up in drag and extract more money from the black community.

 He [CEO John Feltheimer] told analysts this morning that “we strongly support” the idea of bringing Perry to “exciting new platforms.” That could include a “not fully distributed (cable) channel that we could buy” or nesting Perry at “a channel we already have. … We have a lot of options if we choose to go down that path.”

Maybe you have to be African American to see the appeal of Tyler Perry because I just don’t get it. He’s basically the chocolate Chuck Lorre in the sense that he consistently caters to his demographic’s lowest common denominator. Just like Chuck Lorre paints all his characters in broad stereotypes (watch an episode of Big Bang Theory and you’ll get it) every Tyler Perry movie features only two types of black male. Either they’re hardworking, churchgoing pussies, or thugs, no middle ground. Watch me create the premise for every Tyler Perry movie ever:

A woman can’t find a good man to help her raise her children, her ex husband is an abusive gangster, finally she meets a hardworking guy who goes to church and possibly has two kids of his own. Madea has a shotgun, maybe some gag bit at the doctor’s office or church. Title: Why Did I Spend $12 Dollars on this Goddamn Movie. You can send my check in the mail.

I’ll leave you with a South Park clip to cleanse the palate:


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