Turkish Team Trying to Build It’s Own Big Three

I say it's a good look

With the NBA in full lockout mode and the possibility of professional basketball being played in the US this year slim, according to some commentators, several players have signed deals with European teams. The most notable of those deals so far has been Deron Williams’ contract with Turkish club Besiktas. The same club has been publicly pursuing Kobe Bryant for nearly a month and now is apparently also after Kevin Durant. The article does mention that the team is looking at Durant/Bryant as an either/or situation, not at building it’s own big three, but I say why not? A Durant, Williams, Bryant combo is better than the Miami Heat’s big three and at least the speculation and arguments created by it will give people a reason to think about basketball for the next year. As for how it benefits the Turkish club, there’s no surer way to grab attention in basketball than putting three superstars on your team. And assuming that David Stern isn’t intent on blowing up the entire system, there will be a 2012-13 NBA season, meaning that you only have to pay them for one year. After that, you’ll have made yourself the premier basketball team in Europe and you can have your pick of free agents. Of course, it will never happen.¬†According to the same report, Nike is apparently pushing it’s endorsers to play in China, which would explain Bryant’s unwillingness to sign at this point.

In other NBA news, Ron Artest is apparently heading to England, where they apparently play basketball too. Are there English basketball hooligans (hoopligans?) because watching Artest interact with those folks is going to be amazing. If’ we’re lucky he might start getting drunk during halftime again. Money quote:

A post on Artest’s Twitter page read: “Go Jets!!!!! Uk , here we come!!! Jets are the best!!! Jets are the best!!! New chant!!!!!!!!!”

To which the Jet’s one fan replied, “Aw’right guvna. Oi reckon will give it a go, then.” You’re the best Ron Artest, please don’t ever change.


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