Movie Review: ’30 Minutes or Less’ is Not Funny, or Anything Really

For a comedy to be considered good, it has to, by definition be funny. 30 Minutes or Less is a comedy and it is most definitely not funny, ergo it cannot be considered good (sweet logic, huh? I’ve been studying for the LSAT).

As most of you gathered from the trailer, the movie revolves around Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) who has been strapped with a bomb and told to rob a bank by two redneck idiots Dwayne and Travis, played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson, respectively. Why do these two morons need to rob a bank? Well they need $100K so they can pay a hit-man (Michael Pena) to off Dwayne’s dick of a father (Fred Ward) and inherit the fortune he made on the lottery. Confronted with the prospect of blowing up if he can’t come up with the money, Nick enlists the help of his friend Chet (Aziz Ansari) and hilarity ensues.

Except it doesn’t. If there was ever a movie less than the sum of its parts, this is it. There is absolutely no character development and we have nothing more than a superficial idea for anyone’s motivations aside from Dwayne’s. We know that Nick is in love with Chet’s sister (Dilshad Vadsaria), but we have no idea why. We don’t really know anything about Chet, at all. That in itself isn’t really the kiss of death for a comedy, and the writers try to make up for its lack of substance by cramming in as many jokes and witticisms into the dialogue as they possibly can. The problem is, none of them are funny. Filmdrunk nails it by saying it’s just the kind of cut-and-paste laziness that passes for comedy in the age of Family Guy. In an hour and a half, I laughed twice and given the chops in this cast that’s a pretty impressive level of suck.

To be fair, this isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but I had no problem getting out of my seat three-quarters of the way through to take a piss. As much as I wanted to like it given the cast, I just couldn’t. Save your money and buy a beer instead.

Grade: C


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