Weekend Recap: Everyone Loves Andy Serkis in a Monkey Suit, No One Loves Danny McBride or Nick Swardson in Monkey Masks, ‘Breaking Bad’ Renewed

The greatest actor of all time, or something

Rise of the Planet of the Apes continued to throw poop at the competition as the top box office earner for the second week in a row, earning about $27M. Coming in a close second for the weekend was The Help which earned $25M. I find this surprising since it basically looked like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants + The Blind Side. Then again, The Smurfs earned more in its first weekend so maybe I should be disappointed? Speaking of The Smurfs, it managed to come in fourth for the weekend, just beating out 30 Minutes or Less (5nal Destination came in third.), which only earned $13M. Apparently, all the young males stayed away, probably because it wasn’t funny and there wasn’t even one fart joke in it. Come on, if you’re going to make a yucky comedy about a guy with a bomb strapped to his chest, at least have the decency to make one fart joke.

Oh and remember how I predicted that the Glee movie would win the weekend. Yeah, it finished out of the top 10 proving that you should never put any stock in any prediction I make. That said, this spectacular failure has lead to some delicious schadenfreude from the the producers and Glee creator Ryan Murphy:

Producer Ryan Murphy who did not direct was as befuddled as Fox TV and film execs why the pic didn’t do better, especially because it was given an ‘A+’ CinemaScore from audiences under age 25. “The CinemaScores were excellent. They don’t sync up with the results,” one Fox TV exec emailed me.

Someone call the wambulance. As for why the scores don’t match up with the box office, I think I’ve got that one diagnosed:

Murphy said that, by design, the movie wasn’t just a big screen version of the TV show: instead it’s about 3 young people who say that Glee helped them live better lives and overcome struggles with their personal stories cut against 20 positive message songs.

Holy crap, I wouldn’t watch that for all the bjs in the world. I’m all for inspirational messages and such, but if I’m going to spend $15 on a 3d movie, I damn well better be entertained and that just sounds kinda boring/depressing. Also, too it’s getting a bit ridiculous with the smug way that Glee keeps patting itself on the back. “Hey guys, look at how awesome we are for making these people’s lives better!” It’s not charity if all you do is brag about it. Look I get that Glee has crossed some boundaries in a positive way, and everyone likes the smell of their own farts, Ryan Murphy just seems to like his a little bit too much.

Finally, moving from lame news to awesome news, AMC and Sony reached a deadline agreement to bring back Breaking Bad for a final 16-episode run. Prediction for how it ends: Walter White dies of the terminal cancer that’s been ignored for the last two seasons. So you know that won’t happen.


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