Jim Belushi Somehow Remains Employed

Jim Belushi is basically the comedy version of Fredo Corleone. He’s not funny, never has been, and even tried to destroy the beloved Blues Brothers movie franchise with the abominable Blues Brothers 2000. Yet somehow, he keeps getting TV jobs, for the sole reason that his brother was the very talented John Belushi. It doesn’t matter that every show he’s on somehow fails, studio execs fall over themselves to give him gigs. Here’s the details on the his latest soon-to-be failure:

After taking a stab at light drama with CBS’ The Defenders, former According to Jim star Jim Belushi is returning to comedy with a new half-hour project from Murphy Browncreator Diane English. The pairing sparked bidding among studios before ultimately landing at ABC Studios, which also producedAccording to Jim.

I admittedly don’t know much about Murphy Brown mostly because I was 11 when it last aired (I do remember the Seinfeld story line when Kramer had a role on Murphy Brown). That said, the fact that Jim Belushi is in this automatically means that it will suck. It also means that it will run for only two seasons max, which is good I guess.


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