“Sex and the City” Refuses to Just Leave Us Alone

Hey, remember when Sex and the City 2 came out and it was a piece of crap that everyone found hackish and culturally condescending, just like everything Sex and the City related? Bet you thought that would be the last time you’d have to deal with Carrie, Samantha, and those other two forty-something alcoholics, huh? Well you’re an idiot because you forgot the number one rule in entertainment: no matter how reviled, played out, out of touch, or just plain stupid a concept is, networks and studios will find ways to revive it. Behold! A Sex and the City prequel!

Now a teen version of Bradshaw herself may be joining the CW’s lineup. I hear that the CW has emerged as the leading candidate for The Carrie Diaries, a TV series project based on Sex and the City author Candice Bushnell’s recent book about Bradshaw’s high school years.

I see this as kind of a twisted psychology experiment. Now we get to see how Carrie became a pretentious, materialistic, mega-skank from the very beginning. I bet this will play out super well in the middle of a recession.

Now that I’ve successfully spewed my own bile, I’ll like to Lindy West’s amazing Sex and the City 2 review because two years later it still makes me laugh.


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