Stop Everything! NCIS is Having a 200th Episode

Slow news day today, but I figured I’d pass on that NCIS, the utterly lifeless CBS procedural that revolves around naval crimes (apparently there are plenty of these?) and is also the second highest rated show on TV, is approaching its 200th episode. I point this out because I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would ever want to watch an episode of NCIS, I don’t know anyone who watches NCIS, and when I ask strangers on the street whether they watch NCIS they always give me weird looks. But someone is clearly watching NCIS otherwise it wouldn’t still be around. My guess? It’s mandated viewing at old folks homes, also Mississippi, just cause. Gratuitous block quote!

  • Abby will meet a brother. “The story is so lovely and unexpected,” says Glasberg, promising that this will change Abby’s whole perception of her past. “There is a big, stunning twist,” adds Pauley Perrette, who is campaigning for her real-life male doppelgänger, ex-model Daniel Louis Rivas, to play the role.
  • A personal Ducky episode will introduce a possible new love interest.
  • A November two-parter will take Gibbs overseas.
  • Both Tony’s father and Gibbs’ father will return.
  • A spring wedding for Palmer and his embalmer fiancée is planned for season’s end.

Does any of that mean anything to anyone? Nope, didn’t think so.


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