Here, You Can Have It

In the most surprising news ever, Conan the Barbarian was a colossal flop last weekend making $10MM on a $90MM budget. That’s not stopping comics legend Stan Lee from suing for the rights to the character:

 In a lawsuit filed Aug. 19 in federal court in L.A. and obtained by EW, SLMI is demanding 100 percent of the film’s proceeds. The company claims its bankruptcy in 2001 would have prevented anyone from taking the rights to the Conan character away. In the suit, Stan Lee Media, Inc. claims the company was betrayed by a former lawyer who made an illegal deal to transfer the rights to another company that would later green-light this summer’s Conan movie.

Uhhh yeah. This suit smacks of frivolity, but if I were the current owners of Conan I’d just let Stan Lee have his barbarian and walk away. It’s not like you’re going to make any money off of it. Conan got a 46% viewer score on Rotten Tomatoes keep in mind that the people who post viewer scores on Rotten Tomatoes gave Spy Kids a 63% score.


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