Jeremy Piven Blows (Glass)

Douche Dog seems at home here

Today I’m basically concerning myself with making fun of douchebags, so here’s a bit about Jeremy Piven’s post Entourage plans:

With his HBO series Entourage coming to an end, Jeremy Piven is focusing on producing through his production company Luscious Mayhem. For one of the company’s first projects, LM has teamed with Bischoff Hervey Entertainment for a new reality project called Blow. The show focuses on famous New Orleans glassblower Josh Cohen and his band of misfits as they deal with each other and their demanding clientele.

Yeah, it’s a show about blowing glass, called Blow. I can’t think of anything as simultaneously douchey and boring as that. Also, your production company is called Luscious Mayhem? Really, Jeremy Piven? You’re just trying to put truth to all those mean things that people have said about you over the years aren’t you?


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