Wait, What?

Tell me your eyes aren't drawn immediately to that forehead

Breaking In is a mediocre Fox workplace sitcom that isn’t very funny and panders a lot to nerds, but it stars Christian Slater and I find his forehead fascinating. I was also under the impression that it was canceled, but apparently not so:

It looks like comedyBreaking In has done the impossible, beating cancellation for a second time. I hear Fox is about to give the single-camera comedy starring Christian Slater and Bret Harrison a 13-epiosde midseason order in a complex deal with series producer Sony Pictures TV, which is still being finalized.


in November, the network gave Breaking In a seven-episode midseason order and a post-American Idol time slot. But in May the network canceled the show before it had finished its freshman run. Sony once again fought on. And, in a promising sign that the network had faith in the show and was open to reconsidering its decision, it joined Sony TV is shouldering the cost for extending the cast’s options and then put Breaking In on the list of contenders for its 2-hour midseason comedy block.

But you wouldn’t give Arrested Development another chance, huh Fox??? (No I’m never letting it go, dammit) Anyways, congrats to the cast and creators of Breaking In on being just mediocre enough to scrape past cancellation twice. Enjoy the three episodes of your second season before the axe comes down.


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