Here’s an Idea, Just Don’t Make It

Fox really, really, wants to make a Wolverine sequel for some reason. The problem is that no one else seems in much of a hurry.

The studio says it never officially has given the sequel a production state date. Fox was looking at a Fall 2011 start date for the Christopher McQuarrie script for Wolverine 2 starring Hugh Jackman and directed by James Mangold. But now that may push back to Spring 2012.


But we’re also hearing that the start date will wait until after Jackman finishes making Les Miserables. There’s no question that 20th Century Fox wants the pic badly and has been trying to get its sequel to the X-Men spinoff The Wolverine rolling for quite awhile now. In June it landeddirector Mangold after Darren Aronofsky bowed out in March, ending one of the most competitive contests among Hollywood helmers for a major studio film. That set up the studio thinking that it could begin production in the fall.

Wait people were competing to direct a Wolverine sequel? This looked mildly interesting for about a second when Aronofsky was going to direct, but then he realized it was a Wolverine sequel and decided to bow out. Mangold has a decent resume, including Walk the Line; Girl, Interrupted; and a personal favorite of mine, Cop Land. He’s also directed Knight and Day; and Kate and Leopold. The problem is, no matter how good the director is, there is almost no chance that the script for this will be any good, so why bother? Have you people learned nothing from last weekend?


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