Weekend Recap: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Here is your weekend recap, late as promised. On a further programming note, I’ll try to bang out one more post this evening, but the Gregg Easterbrook FJM’ing won’t be up until late tomorrow evening as I have a family obligation during the day.

Hurricane Irene hit the east coast this weekend and even though it barely rained in my area, it was enough to keep people from seeing movies, making this the second slowest weekend of the year so far, after Super Bowl weekend, of course.

The Help continued to lead the pack, earning, $14.5MM bring its cumulative gross to $96.8MM, proving that white peoples’ self-esteem isn’t going anywhere. Columbiana came in second, earning $10.5MM, which I assume has more to do with Zoe Saldana’s fine body than things like writing and realism. I think we’re past the point of pretending that people care about quality.

Our Idiot Brother, the one movie out this weekend that I actually wanted to see, came in fifth, bringing in only $7MM, which sucks. By most accounts, Idiot Brother was a well made if slightly cheesy film. It had a likable star and screened well at Cannes. By my standards, it’s exactly the type of comedy that Hollywood should be making more of, rather than churning out Seltzer and Friedberg Scary Movie re-hashings. Alas, the poor performance at the box office means that even less smart, earnest, comedies will be made. This is why we can’t have nice things, America, we don’t appreciate them.


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