He Really Needed to Get Back to the Island

I never watched Lost mostly because I don’t feel the need to show how “cool” and “intelligent” I am to anyone who will listen, but also because Lost sucked (wanna fight about it?). On top of it all, Matthew Fox always struck me as kind of a douche. Well I have to say it’s always nice to be proven right:

Matthew Fox was arrested early Monday morning, Aug. 29, after allegedly punching a woman in the chest and stomach.

According to a police report obtained byThe Hollywood Reporter, the actor is accused of attempted to hitch a ride to his hotel aboard a private party bus. The driver, a 29-year-old female, blocked the entrance and informed Fox that he could not board, as the bus had been rented out.

Fox then allegedly punched the driver in the chest and stomach, before receiving a blow to the mouth in return. The woman suspected she may have broken her hand and would be seeking medical attention if needed.

To be fair, it was Cleveland so he probably thought the driver was a dude… When asked for further comment, Fox mumbled something about smoke monsters and time travel (man, Lost was stupid).

A tip of the hat to @rgspiegel for the headline, check out his blog


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