No One Will Be Shutting Charlie Sheen Up

When Charlie Sheen went bat sh*t last spring, it provided endless easy comedy for the likes of yours truly. Then it got old. But now, it’s been long enough that whatever asinine rants that Sheen spews next might be funny again (strange how comedy works isn’t it?). Which is why it’s good news that there will be no gag order during his firing arbitration with Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers. Prepare for some truth missiles!

Charlie Sheen’s legal battle over his firing from Two and a Half Men might end up a little more public than Warner Bros. andChuck Lorre would have liked.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the arbitrator overseeing the $100 million legal proceeding between Sheen, Men co-creator Lorre and Warners has denied a request for a broad gag order in the case. The media still won’t be invited to attend the arbitration, and confidential details relating to facts deemed “sensitive and proprietary” will remain private, but the parties and the lawyers will be free to discuss the case with the press as it chugs along toward a resolution.


The ruling is a mixed bag of sorts for Sheen. He has shown a keen interest in discussing the Warners/Lorre litigation in many media outlets, so the ruling will give him more freedom in that regard. But the judge’s order will likely prevent him or his team from talking about the most sensitive financial details or potentially embarassing personal facts about Lorre.

Warners and Lorre also must be disappointed. They moved the case to arbitration in part to avoid the public spectacle that a trial involving one of Hollywood’s most famous and volatile figures would entail. Sheen is now free to talk about the case as he promotes his upcoming Comedy Central roast and his planned comeback sitcom Anger Management.

I asked Charlie Sheen for a comment (because he’ll do an interview with anyone these days), but he just tried to cast a spell on me with his warlock powers. I think he might have been high, he seems like the kind of guy who might do drugs.


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