Get Ready For More ‘Extreme Couponing’

Extreme Couponing is a show on TLC (where else) that I was not aware existed until today. I can say however, that upon learning of the existence of such a wonderful and totally not stupid program, I feel much better about the state of humanity and our future as a nation. Click through here to see the Season 2 (?!) promo at EW. I believe that the woman featured should be our next president, she could solve the debt crisis so easily. Want to learn more? Too bad, you’re going to anyways:

Interesting aside No. 1: USA Today recently published a story about how there’s been a rash of newspaper thefts across the country that authorities are blaming on the extreme couponing craze. One editor actually touted the thefts as a “win-win” for the struggling newspaper industry. (Hey, they might be the stealing papers, but at least they’re flying off the racks!)

*whistles past graveyard of American journalism*


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