All Your Reality Shows Are Now Dutch

This is a Dutch Windmill

Remember when it seemed like every new TV show was an adaptation of a British reality show? That all seems to have calmed down a bit, but that doesn’t mean that networks have gotten any more creative. They’re just stealing shows from a different European country with weird accents:

Zodiak USA is hoping that lightning can strike twice, bringing to the U.S. a restaurant reality format that has become a breakout hit on Holland’s RTL4, the same network that launched The Voice. Zodiak will pitch the format, Restaurant Race, to U.S. broadcast networks this week. I hear 2 of them, ABC and NBC, are on the hunt for a culinary series after striking out with such recent entries as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and America’s Next Great Restaurant, respectively.

In the original Dutch version, which will tweaked for U.S. audiences, Restaurant Racecenters on two struggling restaurants that compete against one another. Helped by a mentor, they have 72 hours, $10,000 to reboot their business by themselves.

So what you’re telling me is that it’s basically the same concept as every food reality contest ever? I thought this was supposed to be Dutch! Where are the kinky sex and has brownies?!! Want to hear my version of Restaurant Race? A group of food trucks has to race around the streets of LA, The Fast and the Furious Style while one of the owners is in the kitchen in the back making meals. First one across the finish line with the least amount of third degree burns wins!


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