Uninteresting Sitcom Becomes Even More Mediocre

Suburgatory is an upcoming ABC sitcom, which no one will watch and will likely be canceled after eight episodes. Jay Mohr does a good Christopher Walken impression, but is otherwise unremarkable. That’s why pairing the two is a match made in whatever heaven exists for mediocrity (purgatory?).

Jay Mohr has been tapped for a major recurring role on ABC’s new comedy series Suburgatory. The show, from creator Emily Kapnek and Warner Bros. TV, tells the story of bright urban teenager Tessa (Jane Levy) whose single dad (Jeremy Sisto) moves her from New York City to the “white-picket-fence nightmare” of the suburbs.

Sounds delightfully uninteresting.

Mohr will play Dallas’ husband Steven Royce who models his life after the two Donalds: Trump and Draper. In business, he’s a shark, which affords his family their elegant lifestyle but he is rarely home and, when it comes to monogamy, he and Dallas employ a “don’t ask, don’t tell” philosophy

So, he’s gay? That’s what that means right?




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