Another Sarah Palin Documentary?

I try to keep this place politics free because politics suck and everyone gets offended when you make jokes about the side that they like. That said, I’m a bit perplexed by the number of Sarah Palin documentaries that have been floating around over the past year. First, there was her propaganda film The Undefeated which managed to sell out a theater in Texas one time. Now there’s this:

Days before its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, Nick Broomfield’s hot-button expose documentary Sarah Palin: You Betcha! has been acquired by Freestyle Releasing. The plan is to open in New York and Los Angeles on Sept. 30 and roll out.


The doc, directed by Broomfield and Joan Churchill, is not a fave of the Palin crowd, and the filmmakers say it lifts the veil off her image as a former hockey mom as the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate gears up for a possible presidential run in 2012.

Look, I enjoy a good round of Sarah Palin bashing as much as the next educated New England liberal elitist who hates the Real ‘Murka, but this is getting really old. Its been over a year since Palin quit her job as Alaska’s governor, she’s not relevant to national politics in any meaningful way. So my advice to liberals, just ignore her, she’ll go away.


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