Christ, They’re Actually Going to Make This Aren’t They

Anger Management was a largely forgettable 2003 entry in a decade long list of Adam Sandler movies designed to humiliate, confuse, and anger audiences with the slightest bit of taste. That’s why when celebrity crackhead Charlie Sheen started talking about making it into a TV show, everyone just assumed he was, you know, high. But apparently Charlie was dead serious and now he even has a writer, maybe:

I’ve learned that The Drew Carey Showcreator Bruce Helford has entered negotiations to write, executive produce and run Charlie Sheen’s new comedy series Anger Management. Helford was one of several veteran comedy showrunners that met with Lionsgate TV and producer Joe Roth on the project and emerged as a leading candidate for the job about two weeks ago. Helford has been considered a strong choice to create a starring vehicle for Sheen, having done the same in the past for Drew Carey with ABC’sThe Drew Carey Show and George Lopez with the comedian’s eponymous ABC sitcom.

Just stick a fork in my eye. Also, just so you know that there’s no chance of this being good:

Lionsgate plans to produce the series under the template created by its subsidiary Debmar-Mercury via the Tyler Perry sitcoms on TBS, which calls for a quick amassing of a syndicatable number of episodes.

This is so depressing, I feel obligated to point out that there was one good thing about Anger Management. Heather Graham in Red Sox underwear:

Maybe the world isn't such a bad place after all


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