Texas A&M to SEC, PAC-16?

Dogs and cats living together, surely these are all signs of the apocalypse. That or the collapse of a mediocre BCS conference. Texas A&M has been approved to become the 13th member of the SEC, leaving the Big 12 with nine members. That is, once Baylor, which apparently has a football team in the Big 12 (who knew?), stops trying to ruin the party by threatening legal action.

Texas A&M is interested in making what it considers a bold move to separate itself from Texas while aligning with a conference it believes is a cultural fit and provides high visibility and financial stability. The SEC is interested in adding Texas to its television and recruiting footprint.

This provides Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech with additional incentive to join the Pac-12, which would love to add Texas as well. Of course, Texas would have to give up its Longhorn network to join the new conference which would mean leaving a buttload of money on the table. But hey NCAA football isn’t a business or anything right?

Citing that TV deal and its revenue-sharing model, Scott did say that Texas could not keep the Longhorn Network if it were to join the Pac-12.

“We’re wedded to that model,” Scott said, adding, “anyone who is going to be a member of our conference is going to be a part of our network model.”

However, a source told ESPN’s Schad that Pac-12 officials believe the parties could work through Texas’ network issues.

Personally, I think Texas should go independent, or bring in a bunch of second tier teams like SMU and Houston to fill out whatever rotting carcass of the Big 12 remains. That way I could justifiably whip an amount of vitriol at them that I normally reserve for Notre Dame. Also, we’d never see them in a championship game again, which would be sweet.


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