Even Boise States Scandals Are Boring

A lot of people like Boise State because the Broncos give them a reason to get on their high horses and rail about the tyranny of the BCS system and large conferences. I’m no fan of the BCS myself, but I also think that Boise State is stupid, because it’s no fun watching them steamroll Western Idaho or whatever school from bumf*ck Egypt they’re playing this week. Also, if I ever found myself stuck in Boise I would end my own life immediately and blue turf is stupid.

Apparently, everyone’s little white-bread school that could has committed a few NCAA violations and are now getting sanctioned. Come bathe with me in the schadenfreude, if you will.

The Boise State football program will be docked nine scholarships over a three-year period, and the athletic department must serve three years’ probation as a result of widespread rules violations, the NCAA announced Tuesday.

Boise State had already self-imposed the probationary period in the wake of violations involving more than 75 prospects and student-athletes across five different sports. The NCAA added six scholarship reductions in football to the three the school had already taken away and cited the school for “lack of institutional control.”


The Committee on Infractions cited recruiting, impermissible housing and transportation violations in the football program during the summers of 2005 through 2009. In particular, the committee noted that the football violations occurred over a lengthy period of time and involved 63 prospective student-athletes.

Violations also were found in the men’s and women’s tennis programs, and the men’s and women’s track and field teams. The NCAA and Boise State agreed on nearly all of the violations that were found.

Among the penalties for those sports:

• A one-year ban on postseason play following the 2011-12 season for the women’s tennis team.

• Show-cause penalties for the former women’s tennis head coach and former assistant track coach.

• Scholarship reductions in men’s and women’s track and field and men’s and women’s tennis.

• Reduction of official recruiting visits for men’s tennis, men’s track and field and cross country, and women’s track and field and cross country.

The probation period will run through Sept. 12, 2014.

In the wake of the case, athletic director Gene Bleymaier was fired. The school currently is searching for a new athletic director.

*Fart* Tennis? Track and Field? After Miami, any rules violation that doesn’t involve hookers and boat parties is officially downgraded to not worthy of attention. Wake me when Kellen Moore joins a Justin Bieber tribute group, or starts dating a butch lesbian:


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