Media Whores to Battle It Out in Thunderdome Style Clash (I Hope)

Oh well hello there. Awful slow news day we’re having here. Well here’s a story to brighten your day. Deadline Hollywood is suing the Hollywood Reporter for allegedly copying some of their stories. Here are a few choice excerpts from the complaint:

The Hollywood Reporter (“THR”) has differentiated itself from other companies within the media industry by not only carrying out this unethical practice with alarming regularity, indeed on an almost daily basis, but also by resorting to the outright theft of intellectual property, including but not limited to whole articles, content, software, source code and designs.


Among other reasons, PMC is filing this lawsuit to protect its content creation and development, and to finally put an end to THR and other websites’ misappropriation of PMC’s hard-earned product and intellectual property. Enough is enough.

PMC is taking a stand against desperate and copycat news organizations and media outlets such as THR that constantly monitor PMC’s websites for the sole purpose of copying and imitating PMC websites’ news stories and original content within minutes after online publication. These copycat media outlets such as THR, rather than conducting their own independent reporting and investigation, developing their own sources and insiders, and generating their own leads and stories, simply steal PMC’s content and pawn it off as their own.

In truth, THR, faced with the harsh reality that it had become a second-rate entertainment industry news source unable to attract insiders’ attention anymore, changed ownership and re-launched its website. At first it hoped to create a competitive online presence by going after a broader consumer-focused audience with celebrity news and gossip. When consumer, retail and other related advertising failed to appear, THR began trying attracting Hollywood trade advertising again. It has become abundantly clear that part of THR’s turnaround strategy was to engage in an unprecedented campaign of theft and misappropriation of PMC’s intellectual property and content to accomplish that.

Tell us how you really feel… I feel a slap fight coming on, blah, blah, blah, snarky jokes. I guess this is somewhat serious, but since all entertainment reporting is in essence reiteration of the same star worship over and over I can’t really get too worked up about. That said, I think the best way to resolve this dispute is a fight to death among the editors of both publications because I think it would be entertaining to watch pasty, out of shape, old people beat the crap out of each other.

For what it’s worth, I draw a fair amount of my material from both sites, although I prefer Deadline, because I like their snarky, I told you so columns, and I prefer that my websites appear as if they were designed in 2003.


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