NFL Week 2 Results (Updated)

Well, Hidy Ho neighbor, I hope you enjoyed your weekend and didn’t get slaughtered nearly as badly as I did with your picks. Let’s recap shall we (home teams in caps)?

My Pick: NEW ORLEANS (-7) over Chicago; Reality: Bears 13 – Saints 30; It feels good to be right about something for once. The Bears offensive line, especially without Gabe Carimi, is going to get Jay Cutler murdered sooner or later. No wonder he’s so sulky all the time.

My Pick: Jacksonville (+9.5) over NY JETS: Reality: Jaguars 3 – Jets 32: Oh yeah, that’s how Luke McCown plays football… Blaine Gabbert should be starting by week 4.

My Pick: DETROIT (-8.5) over Kansas City; Reality Chiefs 3 – Lions 48; I know they’ve only beaten the Chiefs and the Buccaneers, but I think the Lions are actually this good. Matthew Stafford has as much talent as any QB in the NFL, we’ve just never been able to see it since he’s been hurt so often. With Jamaal Charles getting hurt, KC has vaulted into the lead in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. He’s wondering if it would be possible to stay in college for another year.

My Pick: BUFFALO (-3) over Oakland; Reality: Raiders 35 – Bills 38: It took a last minute TD pass to bring this game to a push, but I’ll take it. Say what you want about the Bills, but Ryan Fitzpatrick flat out wins football games. Fear the Fitz!

My Pick: Arizona (+4) over WASHINGTON; Reality: Cardinals 21 – Redskins 22; Every year, one team gets off to a good start with a bit of luck and an easy early schedule and rides that into the playoffs despite the fact that they’re not actually that good. Last year, there were two such teams: the Bears and the Chiefs. This year, it’s the Redskins. Mark it down, the Redskins are heading straight towards getting blown out at home in a first round playoff game.

My Pick: Baltimore (-6) over TENNESSEE; Reality: Ravens 13 – Titans 26; Should have seen the classic trap game coming, but I got too caught up in how dominant the Ravens looked in Week 1 and how mediocre the Titans look in general.

My Pick: Seattle (+14) over PITTSBURGH: Reality: Seahawks 0 – Steelers 24: Lesson learned. Never pick a team quarterbacked by Tavaris Jackson, even when they’re getting 14 points.

My Pick: Green Bay (-9.5) over CAROLINA: Reality: Packers 30 – Panthers 23: Cam Newton is good okay? Now that, I’ve admitted it, he’ll probably start sucking. How much do you think Clay Matthews is looking forward to padding his sack stats next week against the Bears?

My Pick: MINNESOTA (-3) over Tampa Bay: Reality: Buccos 24 – Vikings 20: The Vikings were covering for most of this game, but managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Donovan McNabb looked better, but don’t let that fool you, he’s still sucks.

My Pick: Cleveland (-2.5) over INDIANAPOLIS: Reality: Browns 27 – Colts 19: Nice to see that my 2011 picks rule applies: If the Browns are favored, take the points, unless they’re playing the Colts. Colts fans’ tears are the most delicious, they taste like chili.

My Pick: Dallas (-3) over SAN FRANSISCO: Reality: Cowboys 27 – Niners 24; Tony Romo is just getting Cowboys fans’ hopes up so that he can destroy them in the most devastating fashion yet. Another push.

My Pick: Houston (-3) over MIAMI: Reality: Texans 23 – Dolphins 13: Yawn.

My Pick: NEW ENGLAND (-7) over San Diego: Reality: Chargers 21 – Pats 35: It doesn’t always feel god to be right. The regular season is really just a formality for the Patriots at this point. They’ll win somewhere between 12 and 14 games and then lose in the first round of the playoffs again. And then Pats fans will claim it’s because Tom Brady doesn’t care enough. Sometimes life is too predictable.

My Pick: Cincinnati over DENVER (-4): Reality: Bengals 22 – Broncos 24: Better start Tebow soon, John Fox, or you might not get Andrew Luck. Have you seen how hard the Chiefs are trying to get him?

My Pick: Philadelphia (-7) over ATLANTA: Reality: Eagles 31 – Falcons 35:  I don’t mind being wrong about this one. Mike Vick has a concussion, enjoy the Vince Young experience Philly, I know I will.

Week 2 Record (so far): 7 – 6 – 2


My Pick: NY GIANTS (-5.5) over St. Louis: Reality: Giants 28 – Rams 16: The ugliest big win of the season so far. The Rams thoroughly outplayed the Giants throughout the first quarter and a half, but the Giants defense made some key plays to give NY the lead and the offense finally got a little untracked late in the second quarter. Eli Manning was pretty inaccurate and of course Domenik Hixon and Mario Manningham got hurt so this doesn’t exactly make me optimistic about NY going forward.

Week 2 Record 8-6-2


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