Pilot Review: 2 Broke Girls

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be reviewing some of the pilots for new fall TV shows as they air. My reviews of Free Agents and Up All Night can be found here.

2 Broke Girls (Monday 8:30 ET, CBS): Who cares what the premise is, have you seen Kat Dennings’ boobs?

Uninformed Commentary: CBS is a comedy wasteland, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by how unfunny this was, especially after the opening credits revealed that it was co-created by Whitney Cummings, the genius mind behind Whitney, which looks worse than AIDS. The premise is tired, the characters are one-dimensional, and the jokes could have been written by a group of trained chimpanzees, but hey look boobs! Relevant question: where do they find the people who populate studio audiences? Do network PR teams just troll malls in Florida looking for the fattest, oldest, and slowest looking people they can find?

Will it last? Let’s see, Two and a Half Men drew 28 million (?!) viewers last night, proving that stupidity is alive and well, and 2 Broke Girls got a 7.0 rating with 18-49 year old viewers so I’d say yes. After all, Rules of Engagement has been around for four seasons and doesn’t prominently feature Kat Dennings’ rack.


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