Charlie Sheen Gets a New Show

Well, it looks like they actually are going to make Charlie Sheen’s warmed-over TV version of Anger Management, a movie so mediocre that I forgot that Marisa Tomei was in it (and I never forget when Marisa Tomei is anything). We mocked the earlier news that former Drew Carey Show creator Bruce Helford was in negotiations to write the show and it now appears as if a deal is done:

It’s official: The Drew Carey Showcreator Bruce Helford will guide Charlie Sheen in his return to series television with Anger Management. I’ve learned that Helford has closed his deal with Lionsgate TV to come on board the project as writer/executive producer/showrunner. Helford, who has created two successful sitcom starring vehicles in the past — ABC’s Drew Carey and George Lopez — was one of several veteran showrunners that Sheen met with and someone the actor connected with right away.

Hey, maybe eight years is long enough for people to forget how impressively unimpressive Anger Management was as a movie and actually watch this. And maybe the guy who foisted George Lopez on all of us is exactly the person to deliver whatever vision Charlie Sheen’s crack-addled brain has for the show. I gave up trying to figure people out a long time ago.

Anyways, sorry for posting anything about this sinkhole of a show. I hope this picture of Marisa Tomei makes up for it…


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