Pilot Review: ‘Revenge’

Ahhhh, soo white! My skin, it burns!

Revenge (Wednesdays 10 ET, ABC): White people!

Uninformed Commentary: This analysis will be extra uninformed because I only watched half of this piece of crap before falling asleep. Seriously, I fell asleep. Alright, that may have something to do with the multiple beers I consumed in to try to cope with yet another soul-crushing Red Sox loss. My point still holds and this show is boring.

The plot revolves around Emily (Emily Van Camp) who returns to the Hamptons to seek revenge (I was wondering what this show was about!) against the rich pricks who set her father up to take the fall for treason. Apparently, she has concocted an elaborate plan to destroy her enemies’ lives. Personally, I think she should have just gone with a flaming bag of dog poo on their doorsteps, but I’m a simple man with simple schemes. I hear that bullets are pretty good at destroying peoples’ lives too.

Will it Last? I sure hope not. The real answer is probably not, because I think that the people who watch NCIS probably found this either too boring, too confusing, or NOT ENOUGH MARK HARMON.


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