Weekend Recap: Holy Crap Did You See That!

The Lion King 3D won the box office for the second straight weekend, earning $22MM and likely taking some money away from Warner Bros. which released its own kids’ movie Dolphin Tale this weekend. Expect a Lion King reboot in the next three years, this time in 4D smell-o-vision.

Moneyball earned $20.7MM to take second, making it the largest opening for a baseball movie opening ever and proving that people like Brad Pitt more than Kevin Costner. The movie has been well reviewed, as are all movies based on Michael Lewis books, and there is some early ‘Best Picture’  and ‘Best Actor’ buzz building.

Rounding out the movies opening this weekend were Dolphin Tale, Abduction, and Killer Elite; which finished third fourth and fifth, respectively, earning $20.2MM, $11.2MM, and $9.5MM. Apparently, Abduction is #1 in Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina which is not that surprising considering that those countries are very fond of llamas :

On the teevee, Breaking Bad continues to be awesome. The first few episodes of this season were fairly boring, but it was really just a slow burn building up to the explosiveness of the past three weeks. Sh*t has officially gotten real for Walt White and Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito deserve every Emmy for the rest of time for their portrayals of Jesse Pinkman and Gus Freen this season.

Boardwalk Empire debuted on Sunday as well and was excellent as usual. With True Blood and Entourage in the rearview, HBO’s sunday night lineup is much improved.

After losing two out of three in the Bronx this weekend, my Red Sox are holding on to a one-game wild card lead over Tampa. Boston heads to Baltimore for the final three game series of the season while the Rays will end their season in NY. The Red Sox should be able to secure a playoff spot by winning 2 of 3 over the Orioles, however, the Yankees have already secured the top seed for the playoffs and will probably trot out their B-lineup against the Rays. The next three days will be very interesting.

As for football, you can read my recap of this weeks games and my picks here. And no, I have not stopped smiling since the Giants beat the Eagles. Suck it, Philly!


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