Pilot Review: ‘Terra Nova’


Terra Nova (Mon. 8:00 ET FOX): In the year 2149 the Earth is a polluted wasteland with little hope until a fracture in time is discovered, leading to a time 85 million years ago in a different time stream. Pilgrims enter the portal hoping for a new beginning, but discover that things that aren’t exactly perfect in pre-history. The plot revolves around the Shannon  family, whose father Jim has been imprisoned for fathering a third child. When his wife is recruited to go through the portal (she’s a doctor), Jim escapes prison to reunite his family.

Uninformed Commentary: I feel like this plot was concocted specifically to piss off Republican politicians. Pollution from human activity destroys the world? Dinosaurs existed 85 million years ago and not 10,000 like the Bible says? WHERE IS THE JESUS??

In all seriousness, the writing and acting left a little to be desired, but these types of fish out of water sci-fi dramas can take a little while to develop (or in the case of Lost they never develop at all). At least there were some hints at intrigue. That and dinosaur attacks; I f*cking love dinosaur attacks.

Will it last? I hope so. This is definitely the most ambitious TV series in a while both in terms of premise and visual effects. My guess? Based on the strength of the pilot this should garner a following, hopefully the plot progresses quickly enough to hold peoples’ attention.


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