Dane Cook Is Coming Back to Ruin Your Weekday Nights

Hey, remember when Dane Cook was a person that people cared about? You know, before we all realized that he didn’t have any actual jokes and he stole most of his material? Well after about two seconds out of the limelight, which apparently was enough for everyone to forget how much he sucks, he’s back:

Dane Cook is heading to NBC to headline his own network comedy series. Amid interest from multiple networks, the actor-comedian has signed a development deal with NBC for a half-hour project targeted for next fall. Cook will star in the comedy and produce through his SUperFInger Entertainment banner.


Cook most recently guest starred on the FX comedy Louie last month in a much-talked-about episode where he and series star Louis CK put to rest the so-called joke-stealing controversy.

I enjoyed that episode of Louie thoroughly and it did cast Cook in a very human light. That said, I have no desire at all to see him on my teevee dammit. And given Cook’s popularity with the mouth-breathing frat boy demographic it’s pretty much a given that whatever single-camera piece of sh*t sitcom he hastily slaps together will get at least three seasons of run. It’s moments like this that have made me completely lose my faith in humanity.


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