NFL Week 4 Results

Confession: I barely watched any football on Sunday. Instead, I spent my day driving 5.5 hours up to Ithaca, NY to have dinner with my brother to celebrate his 21st birthday, then driving back. I got pulled over on I-88 going both ways. So yeah, it was a really fun way to cap off the weekend. Anywho, here are the results of my picks. I did awesome, because I am really good at this. (home teams in CAPS)

My Pick: Detroit (+1) over DALLAS: Reality: Lions 34 – Cowboys 30: I thought it was ridiculous that an imminently mediocre and hilariously choke prone Cowboys team would be favored against a Lions squad that fears no one and physically abuses its opponents. At the risk of getting way ahead of myself here, with Green Bay’s passing defense looking pretty weak, and Stafford to Johnson looking like the next great QB-receiver duo, I might consider sliding the Lions ahead of the Packers in my own rankings. Detroit certainly has a legitimate shot at the NFC North crown.

My Pick: San Fransisco (+8) over PHILADELPHIA: Reality: 49ers 24 – Eagles 23: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. In all seriousness, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I want to taste your tears Eagles fans.

My Pick: ST. LOUIS (+1) over Washington: Reality: Redskins 17 – Rams 10: I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking with this pick. The Rams are worse than AIDS.

My Pick: Tennessee (+1) over CLEVELAND: Reality: Titans 31 – Browns 13: My unbeatable picking rule perseveres. How does Cleveland keep getting favored in these games? Meanwhile, the Hasselbeck renaissance continues. I’m still not sold on the Texans, the Titans could have a real shot at to win the  AFC South, or as I like to call it, AAA football.

My Pick: Buffalo (-3) over CINCINNATI: Reality: Bills 20 – Bengals 23: Welp, didn’t take long for the old Bills to come back. How’ve ya guys been?

My Pick: Minnesota (-1.5) over KANSAS CITY: Reality: Vikings 17 – Chiefs 22: When (not if) the Los Angeles Vikings  land the first pick in the 2012 draft, do they take Andrew Luck a year after drafting Christian Ponder in the first round? I say yes.

My Pick: Carolina (+6.5) over CHICAGO: Reality: Panthers 29 – Bears 34: Time for everyone to start getting excited about Chiacgo again, right up until Ndamukong Suh rips off Jay Cutlers arms and beats him to death with them next Monday night.

My Pick: Pittsburgh (+4) over HOUSTON: Reality: Steelers 10 – Houson 17: *grudgingly hands Ryan $10* It’s going to be delicious when Houston loses a home playoff game in the first round to Buffalo.

My Pick: Atlanta (-4.5) over SEATTLE: Reality: Falcons 30 – Seahawks 28: I have nothing witty to say about this game.

My Pick: NY Giants (-1.5) over ARIZONA: Reality: Giants 31 – Cardinals 27: After what the Red Sox did to my fragile psyche last week, I’m not legitimately terrified of what will happen when the Giants inevitably collapse. It won’t be pretty.

My Pick: SAN DIEGO (-7) over Miami: Reality: Dolphins 16 – Chargers 26: Pretty much what I expected.

My Pick: GREEN BAY (-12.5) over Denver: Reality: Broncos 23 – Packers 49: I’m pretty sure that Josh McDaniels’ taint is the NFL version of an incurable venereal disease.

My Pick: New England (-4.5) over OAKLAND: Reality: Patriots 31 – Raiders 19: I wish I could go back in time to last Monday and enjoy the Patriots not being in first place all over again. Alas, we will likely never get to experience that feeling again.

My Pick: BALTIMORE (-3.5) over NY Jets: Reality: Jets 17 – Ravens 34: Where are the Jets in the overrated team rankings? I’d say first.

My Pick: New Orleans (-7) over JACKSONVILLE: Reality: Saints 23 – Jaguars 10: The Saints are good.


My Pick: TAMPA BAY (-10) over Indianapolis: Reality: Colts 17 – Bucs 24: I’m pretty sure the entire Tampa sports scene is actively trying to ruin my life now.

Week 4 record: 10 -6


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