Weekend Recap: Mechanical Dolphins Rule

Another week, more mediocre box office returns. Leading this week’s earners was Warner’s Dolphin Tale, a story about Morgan Freeman and Harry Connick Jr. create a mechanical tale to save a dolphin’s life. Just reading that synopsis makes me thankful that I don’t have any children. The heartwarming tale earned $14.2MM to leapfrog Moneyball ($12.5MM) for the weekend.

This week’s new openers were led by 50/50 which earned $8.8MM, good for fourth place. Not the greatest open for a movie, but pretty solid for a film that will probably only appeal to the minority of the population that reads and prefers their humor to come in non-Two and a Half Men form. Also opening this weekend were the derptastic Dream House ($8.2MM) and What’s Your Number? ($5.6MM). Anna Faris needs to get a better agent.

I didn’t watch any TV this Sunday because I was busy driving up to and back from BFE upstate New York to see my brother. I’ll have updates for the second episode of Boardwalk Empire season 2, as well as this season’s penultimate episode of Breaking Bad once I get around to watching them on my DVR.


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