Hank Williams Jr. Is a Moron, This Is Not Surprising

So, in a minor bit of news yesterday, which I neglected to comment on because I had better things to do, ESPN pulled Hank Williams Jr.’s “Are You Ready for Some Football,” opening for Monday Night Football. The decision came after Hank compared President Obama to Hitler on the Fox and Friends morning show, which I don’t watch, because I prefer to kill my brain cells with alcohol.

I for one am completely shocked that a person in an Alabama hat would say something so ignorant. Hank Williams seems so well educated, gentlemanly, and dedicated to personal hygiene that I can only assume that this was one of his rowdy friends impersonating him.

In all seriousness, Hank Williams has a right to say as much stupid sh*t as he wants, I just wish he hadn’t used such a tired line. If he had said Obama was the evil lord Zenu returned to Earth to enslave our souls I might be more interested, but we’re all so used to idiots comparing Obama to Hitler that mustering outrage seems like an immense waste of time and effort.


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