More Proof That Network Executives are Clueless Pod People

Hey remember when CBS tried to make a TV Show out of Sh*t My Dad Says and ended up turning what was a funny, profane twitter feed into a stale lifeless shatner on the metaphorical chest of the TV viewing public? Apparently the programming geniuses at FOX don’t:

Just when we thought the trend of comedies based on blogs and Twitter feeds was cooling off, it’s back! Fox has tapped Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta to develop a half-hour comedy based on the infamous blog Texts From Last Night. Happy Madison and Sony Pictures TV are producing. Fox has been high on the Web property. The network, Happy Madison and Sony TV first took a stab at developing a comedy based on the Web site two seasons ago with Steve Holland as the writer. Last season, it was redeveloped with different writers, Marc Abrams and Michael Benson. Now a new take will be written by Horta, who had been looking to branch out into half-hour comedies

I like my TV to be unrepentantly devoid of humor, taste, or originality so I’m super-duper excited about this. The involvement of the trained seals at Happy Madison (I assume that their offices are literally populated by trained seals who determine plot points by shooting beach balls through hula hoops) only increases my enthusiasm for this show. Two different writing teams have already failed to make this a marketable product, in a world where 27 million people watch Two and a Half Men, maybe the guy who’s never written a pure sitcom can make it work! Now bring on the coke and hookers! Sometimes I wonder how, with people this dumb in decision making positions, we’ll survive as a species for the next millennium. Then I remember that we won’t.


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