This Might Be It For ‘The Simpsons’

The Simpsons was and always will be a defining part of my life. Although I stopped watching the show years ago (it just got stale for me) it really is the defining TV show of my generation. That’s why, even though I’ve been pretending it was canceled four years ago, it’s a little sad to hear that this may be the show’s final season. The reason? FOX is cheap:

The future of the longest-running scripted series on television, Fox’s The Simpsons, is once again in doubt over cast renegotiations, a torturous cycle we go through every couple of years. Like they did the last time around, the voice cast and the studio behind the veteran series, 20th Century Fox TV, have reached an impasse over the size of the actors’ salaries.


As reported by The Daily Beast, talks between the cast and 20th TV broke down after 20th TV turned down the cast’s proposal to take a 30% pay cut to about $4 million per season each in exchange for a piece of the back-end and issued an ultimatum yesterday for a 45% salary reduction. While still wildly profitable, The Simpsons has seen its primetime ratings on Fox erode over the last few years.

The best I can muster for this story is ,”meh, it had to happen eventually,” but after all these years the veterans on the show probably do deserve something on the back-end and a 30% pay cut is pretty sizable. At the very least, FOX shouldn’t be issuing ultimatums to the people who helped make them a legitimate network. Before The Simpsons and Married With Children, FOX was the broadcast version of a trailer park. We should all be rooting for The Simpsons  to stay on TV because if it is canceled you just know that FOX will hoist another terrible Seth MacFarlane show on us. And nobody wants to see that.


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