Well, 2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad

Is it already cancellation/renewal time? Guess so

NBC is giving new comedy series Up All Night and Whitney a major vote of confidence with early full-season pickups.

Meanwhile, as we indicated in the ratings story earlier this morning, low-rated new drama The Playboy Club has become the first new series to be canceled this fall. The 1960s drama is being pulled from the schedule effective immediately and will be replaced by Brian Williams’ new primetime news magazine, Rock Center With Brian Williams, which will premiere October 31.

Well, two out of three isn’t bad. The Playoff Club was probably hurt a bit when professional fuddy duddy buzkills the Parents Television Council started protesting the show. I ignored The Playboy Club because rather than watch a show that implies nudity I watch internet porn. Here’s a hint to any aspiring television writers. When you write a show that uses a concept that revolves around a sexy club, focus on the sex. Don’t just dance around it.

As for the other two shows, I love Up All Night, but Whitney is terrible. Not Two and a Half Men or Big Bang Theory terrible mind you, but terrible nonetheless. But hey, at least we’ll have Will Arnett around for a bit longer.


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