NFL Week 5 Recap (Updated)

I didn’t do so well this week… let’s take a look at the results

My Pick: INDIANAPOLIS (-2.5) over Kansas City; Reality: Chiefs 28 – Colts 24: Todd Haley should be fired for winning this game and practically ensuring that the Colts will win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Screw you, Haley, outside of Indianapolis you are the most hated figure in football.

My Pick: Arizona (+2.5) over MINNESOTA; Reality: Cardinals 10 – Vikings 34: Donovan McNabb’s stats from this game: 10 -21 169 yds 0 TD. Adrian Peterson is pretty good at football. The NFC West crown now officially belongs to San Fransisco.

My Pick: BUFFALO (+2.5) over Philadelphia; Reality: Eagles 24 – Bills 31: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

My Pick: Oakland (+6) over HOUSTON; Reality: Raiders 25 – Texans 20: This line probably should have changed once Al Davis passed away, the Raiders clearly had a lot of emotion, Oakland has suddenly crept in as a dark horse for an AFC playoff spot. Speaking of Davis, it’s been interesting reading some of the eulogies dedicated to him this weekend, most people in my generation remember him as a crotchety old man, way behind the times and too stubborn to change. I never saw him as the innovator he actually was.

My Pick: New Orleans (-6.5) over CAROLINA; Reality: Saints 30 – Panthers 27: Damn you terrible Saints defense!

My Pick: Cincinnati (+2.5) over JACKSONVILLE; Reality: Bengals 30 – Jaguars 20: Cincy is another dark horse playoff contender, AJ Green is better than last year’s Ochocinco – TO tandem combined.

My Pick: TENNESSEE (+2.5) over PITTSBURGH; Reality: Titans 17 – Steelers 38: I stubbornly stuck by the Steelers for two straight weeks while they failed to cover and jumped ship this week because I thought a competitive Titans team would be able to take it to the old, slow and injured Steelers. What I forgot is that the universe hates me.

My Pick: NY GIANTS (-10.5) over Seattle; Reality: Seahawks 36 – Giants 25: *kicks leg of desk, stubs toe, falls over in pain*

My Pick: SAN FRANSISCO (-3) over Tampa Bay; Reality: Buccaneers 3 – 49ers 48: Go ahead and remove Tampa from your contenders list.

My Pick: NEW ENGLAND (-9) over NY Jets; Reality: Jets 21 – Pats 30: Let the free-fall begin. I predict that after the Jets miss the playoffs this season and Mark Sanchez fails to complete 60% of his passes yet again, Rex Ryan will begin the 2012 season by predicting the Jets will win the Super Bowl and stating that Sanchez is an elite quarterback in the same class as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

My Pick: San Diego (-4) over DENVER; Reality: Chargers 29 – Broncos 24: Lost in all the Tebow-fellating after he almost “lead” Denver to a “comeback” is that he was terrible. 4 – 10 for 79 yds (28 of which came on a screen pass to Knowshon Moreno) is not a good performance, especially when your opponent is up big, playing a soft defense, basically begging you to pass the ball for 5 yds on every play. In any case, the Broncos should firmly be in Suck for Luck mode, so starting Tebow is probably the right move.

My Pick: Green Bay (-5.5) over ATLANTA; Reality: Packers 25 – Falcons 14: Well at least the Falcons will have a decent first round pick next year to fill the holes on their defense… oh wait…


My Pick: DETROIT (-5.5) over Chicago; Reality: Bears 13 – Lions 24: I’m starting to think that the Lions might have a legitimate shot to unseat the Packers, more on that later in the week…

Week 5 Record: 7 – 5 – 1


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