Theo Epstein is Now The GM of the Chicago Cubs

I promise that this is the last time that I’ll be writing about the Red Sox for a while. That said, I felt it was worth acknowledging that Theo Epstein is moving to the north side of Chicago to be the Cubs’ new GM.

In my mind, Epstein’s tenure in Boston will always be defined by the championships of 2004 and 2007. There’s a certain contingent of Red Sox fans who assert that former GM Dan Duquette had more to do with the construction of the 2004 World Series team than Epstein, as he was the one who traded for Pedro Martinez and signed Manny Ramirez, but that’s highly misleading. Let’s take a look around the 2004 diamond and see how the team was actually constructed, shall we?

C: Jason Varitek: Duquette via trade

1b: Kevin Millar: Epstein via free agency

2b: Mark Bellhorn: Epstein via free agency

SS: Orlando Cabrera: Epstein via trade

3b: Bill Mueller: Epstein via free agency

LF: Manny Ramirez: Duquette via free agency

CF: Johnny Damon: Epstein via free agency

RF: Trot Nixon: Lou Gorman via draft

DH: David Ortiz: Epstein via free agency

P: Pedro Martinez: Duquette via trade

P: Curt Schilling: Epstein via trade

Closer: Keith Foulke: Epstein via free agency

So yeah, safe to say that Epstein was the architect of the 2004 Red Sox. The 2007 team was even more his creation.

The trolls on WEEI will be out in force today, harping on Epstein’s recent failures in free agency. They’ll point to JD Drew (who actually provided decent value until 2011), Julio Lugo (*puke*), Carl Crawford (still too early to pass judgment), and John Lackey (*stabs self in eye with dull pencil*). They’ll point to this season’s epic September collapse and the way it seems as if Epstein is jumping like a rat from a sinking ship. And they’ll have some valid points. But they’ll also take for granted the fact that before Theo Epstein became the Red Sox GM, the thought of a Red Sox Championship was an alien one.

So although the last couple years of Theo Epstein, Red Sox GM, have been disappointing, I’ll choose to remember him for the World Series. Thanks Theo, and good luck in Chicago, you’ll need it.


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