I’ll Take Terrible Ideas for $1 Billion Dollars, Trebek

It’s just one of those days,  when you don’t wanna wake up… No seriously, it is, because if I didn’t get out of bed today, I would never have heard the news that CBS, the preferred network of the drooling, incontinent, and barely sentient TV watching masses (get it cause they’re fat?) of America has decided that giving Fred Durst a sitcom would be a killer idea. Get ready to have your mind gang raped in a mosh pit, thinking people:

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is looking to front his own comedy series next. Durst has signed his first ever TV deal with CBS and CBS TV Studios. Under the pact, he has partnered with CBS TV Studios-based producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum on a half-hour comedy project, which he will star in and produce. The untitled comedy, sometimes referred to as Douchebag, has received a script commitment. It centers around a rock legend looking for balance between his high profile lifestyle and trying to raise a family. It will be written by Matthew Carlson (Mr. Sunshine) who will executive produce with the Tannenbaums.

DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE. We have been rid of Fred Durst for nearly a decade now, the last thing we needed to do was bring him back.This is why we can’t have nice things America! I’m just going to go find a chainsaw and skin my own ass raw because all faith I ever had in humanity has now officially been lost.

(Deadline via Warming Glow)


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