Weekend Preview: Welcome Back to the 80s

This week’s new films feature remakes of a couple of 80s classics


Footloose: You already know what this is about…

Rotten Tomatoes: 73%

Uninformed Commentary: I think this looks just as stupid as the original Footloose. It’s times like these when I’m almost glad that I don’t have a girlfriend to drag me to see movies I don’t want to see, but then I remember that I haven’t had any female attention in months and I’m sad again.

The Thing: A remake prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic, a true masterpiece of the genre, which I had the pleasure of watching recently.

Rotten Tomatoes: 33%

Uninformed Commentary: I hate modern re-visitings of classic horror films because they inevitably lack the character that made the originals so enjoyable. Gore and cheap thrills are substituted for genuine suspense and scares and remakes always get the camp factor wrong. Safe to say I won’t be watching this one.

The Big Year: Three men (Owen Wilson, Steve Martin, Jack Black) face crises in their lives and decide to spend a year following their dreams.

Rotten Tomatoes: 41%

Uninformed Commentary: I’ve grown lukewarm on all three of the principals over the years. Although I usually like movies along the lines of this one and writer David Frankel has a solid resume (The Devil Wears Prada, Marley and Me) I’ll probably stay away. You have to do better than mediocre to get my $12 *hint: add a few fart jokes*.


What am I going to do now that Breaking Bad is on hiatus? I feel like there’s a gaping hole in my weekend watching schedule. I’ll try to fill it with the zombie-killing goodness of The Walking Dead which premieres Sunday on AMC, as well the always excellent Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s new show Homeland which has definitely piqued my interest.


The best college football matchups are 11. Michigan @ 23. Michigan St.; 20. Baylor @ 21. Texas A&M; and 6. OK State @ 22. Texas.

NFL Picks found here.

Enjoy the weekend!


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