NFL Week 6 Recap (Updated)

Here’s a recap of this week’s results (home team in caps):

My Pick: GREEN BAY (-15) over St. Louis; Reality: Rams 3 – Packers 24: Nice to know that the Packers are still capable of coveing an absurdly high spread and that the Rams are still terrible.

My Pick: Jacksonville (+12) over PITTSBURGH; Reality: Jaguars 13 – Steelers 17: I finally got the Steelers right! I finally got the Steelers right!

My Pick: WASHINGTON (+1.5) over Philadelphia; Reality: Eagles 20 – Redskins 13: I know that the narrative will be about the Eagles exorcising their demons and getting back on track blah, blah, blah, but how inspiring is a 7 point win in a game where Rex Grossman threw four picks?

My Pick: DETROIT (-4) over San Francisco; Reality: 49ers 25 – Lions 19: COACH FIGHT! I realize that Jim Schwartz’s reaction after the game was pretty uncalled for, but Jim Harbaugh’s reaction to his team’s win was way too enthusiastic. In any case all the talking heads will probably ignore the fact that this was a pretty good game and instead focus on the fracas afterwards because they suck.

My Pick: ATLANTA (-4) over Carolina; Reality: Panthers 17 – Falcons 31: The Panthers have a legitimate chance at getting the first pick in the draft and then extracting a king’s ransom from a QB-desperate team for the right’s to Andrew Luck. How insane would that be?

My Pick: CINCINNATI (-4) over Indianapolis; Reality: Colts 17 – Bengals 27: The Colts have to win a game eventually right? RIGHT? Please, I’m getting desperate here.

My Pick: Buffalo (+3.5) over NY GIANTS; Reality: Bills 24 – Giants 27: Dream scenario for your’s truly, Giants win and Bills cover. I haven’t been this happy in weeks.

My Pick: BALTIMORE (-7.5) over Houston; Reality: Ravens 29 – Texans 14: Being a Texans fan must be constantly disappointing.

My Pick: OAKLAND (-6.5) over Cleveland; Reality: Browns 17 – Raiders 24: Being a Browns fan must be very similar to being a Texans fan.

My Pick: NEW ENGLAND (-7) over Dallas; Reality: Patriots 20 – Cowboys 16: Wait, the Patriots won a low-scoring game, against a good offense, without Jerrod Mayo? Something is amiss here…

My Pick: New Orleans (-4.5) over TAMPA BAY; Reality: Saints 20 – Buccaneers 26: Epic choke job by the Saints, the Buccaneers are terrible yet they’re now tied for first in the NFC South.

My Pick: CHICAGO (-3) over Minnesota; Reality: Vikings 10 – Bears 39: Looks like Adrian Peterson (12 carries, 39 yds, 1 TD) decided to stop trying. I can’t say I blame him.


My Pick: Miami (+7) over NY JETS; Reality: Dolphins 7 – Jets 24: A note to teams aspiring to earn the first pick in the draft: make Matt Moore your starting quarterback.

Week 6 Record: 8-5


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