Weekend Recap: Everyone Still Loves Boxing Robots

This weekend’s slate of new movies featured two remakes of 80s classics, the new Footloose (*barf*) and The Thing (a remake re-packaged as a prequel, *fart*) so its really not surprising that Hugh Jackman’s robot-boxing movie Real Steel remained the box office’s top earner for the second week in a row. Steel has now earned a cumulative $51.7MM, which is nice, but less than impressive given the film’s high cost of production.

As for Footloose and The Thing, they earned $15.5MM and $8.5MM, respectively, not exactly setting the world on fire. Maybe these kinds of disappointing numbers will be the impetus that movie studios need to reevaluate their decision making processes, stop making pointless remakes and re-boots and spending mega-bucks on stupid movies about robots punching each other. Just think about how much more coke and hookers you could have if your movies actually made money; movie moguls of America. Oh, who am I kidding…

By the way, in case you were wondering, The Big Year earned $3.2MM, good for 8th. This is probably because everyone realized about five years ago that Jack Black is more annoying than funny and no one wants to see a movie about bird watching. No, really, look it up, bird watching ranks about 5000th on the list of things the American public is interested in, somewhere between exercise and evolution.


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